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New Hope

We at New Hope take a functional medicine approach to solving health problems.  By working holistically and focusing on nutritional balance, we help clients either avoid or reduce the need for medications overall.

Holistic psychiatry entails more than just prescribing a pill. It means to look at the whole person, the big picture. Just like a child’s education would be incomplete if only one subject is studied; children need to study a variety of subjects including reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as music and physical education to be well prepared for living in this world. In the same way, we need to work on several levels if a real and complete transformation is the goal.

Holistic psychiatry means to take a mind-body-spirit approach. This is not just a theoretical position, rather it is the straightforward position that in our everyday life, each part – mind, body and spirit – is specifically addressed. Daily progress in self-development is not the result of accident or chance, rather it comes from a steady practice of working on yourself.